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Luxury-eco line takes root in Denver


Body Bark, founded by local designer Catherine Poirier, was created with one thing in mind: What can I wear under my itchy sweater that will remain invisible and form to my feminine silhouette without adding bulk? How can I layer without sacrificing luxury or fashion? It didn't take long for her mission to take root, and grow into the popular line Body Bark is today.

Body Bark can be worn under your clothes as an underpinning to protect your delicate skin from your irritable fabrics, as well as protect your delicate fabrics from you. For your clothes’ sake, less encounters with your deodorant, perspiration, body lotions and oils, will equate to less trips to the dry cleaners, which in turn equals more money in your wallet, and a happier you. Tags are placed on the inner side seam so shirts can be worn multiple ways to increase versatility, and her unique tailoring allows her clothes to look invisible when layered, yet totally flattering when on their own.

Catherine’s luxury-eco clothing line uses sustainable Lenzing MicroModal and spandex fiber. The secret to the line’s sumptuous feel, you ask? Catherine uses natural-fiber fabric derived from beech wood. Of course, when one thinks of wood, particularly in clothing, scratchy, not sumptuous comes to mind, but Body Bark’s beech wood derived fiber couldn’t be further from scratchy- it feels like butter. This clothing line bears a softness and comfort you have to feel to believe, and even after repeat washings, it remains just as soft and vibrant as the first day you fell in love with it.

Many designers have been toying around with the use of organic and natural fibers for years, and several Earth conscious consumers are jumping on the Green bandwagon, but few have been able to capture the chicness and the versatility of these fabrics like Catherine. Thanks to her vision, Body Bark has bloomed, and “Green” has never looked so stylish… nor felt so good.


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