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Luxury confections designer Les Cinq Amandes sweet treats

As beautiful to look at as they are to taste.
As beautiful to look at as they are to taste.
Les Cinq Amandes

Luxury confections designer, Les Cinq Amandes who features the finest European dragées, chocolates and custom gifts from around the world. With a collection of over 70 confections masterfully crafted from recipes handed down from generation to generation, Les Cinq Amandes’ confections offer a sublime mélange of fine spices, fruits, herbs, flowers, nuts, and chocolate; from sugared almonds, crystallized floral petals and herbs to exceptional hand-painted chocolates.

Founded by Lebanese-born Lina Ariss-Abdo and her daughter Lara who are based in Stamford, CT, Les Cinq Amandes (French for “The Five Almonds”) was inspired by a centuries-old tradition. In the mid-17th century, European aristocrats celebrating weddings and special occasions would offer their guests five confectionary almonds symbolizing wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility. This custom spread and continued in many parts of the world, and is a tradition Les Cinq Amandes still carries out today, with a modern day twist renaming the wishes peace, health, happiness, long life and love.

Lina has quickly become a sought after gifts and confectionary expert and Les Cinq Amandes prides itself on its endless selection of innovative flavors, colors, custom designs and presentations—all with personalized or inspiring messages or wishes included inside. Les Cinq Amandes makes gift-giving an art, bringing couture sur la table (“to the table”).

Les Cinq Amandes proudly offers the grand Cru Avola Almond – known as the world’s most delectable almond. Each of the rare Sicilian almonds is handled with an old-fashioned approach, handpicked from 200 year-old trees and perfected by expert artisans, putting them in a superior class of their own. The four-day process uses copper panning machines, producing only small batches at a time to ensure freshness and quality.

Les Cinq Amandes has become a favorite amongst many notables - from luxury hotels, to members of the United Nations and foreign emissaries, to top executives of large corporations including the Estee Lauder companies. Les Cinq Amandes has also earned the likes of high-end clientele and event planners such as David Tutera and has recently designing a candy buffet for the baby shower of rapper Lil’ Kim.