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Lux, the 911 cat sent to animal shelter

According to an article published by ABC News on March 18, the 22-pound-cat that held his family hostage in Portland, Ore. earlier this month has been sent to a animal shelter.

Lux, the 911 cat sent to animal shelter

ABC News reports that Lux, the 22-pound-cat who had the police called on him when he trapped his family in a bedroom on March 9, has been sent to the Multnomah County Animal Services shelter.

Shelter officials say the family called Monday asking to have Lux picked up and taken to the shelter. There's no word on what prompted the family to have Lux removed, and it is unclear whether or not they surrendered their rights to the cat.

Lux made headlines after his owner Lee Palmer called 911 complaining the cat went mad and was holding his family hostage. Palmer told the 911 dispatcher he kicked the cat after it scratched his infant son, and the cat attacked. Police responded, and managed to capture Lux with a catch pole.

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