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Lux, Portland's 'attack cat,' sent to shelter while family decides what to do

Lux, the cat that trapped his family in a bedroom of their house in Oregon, has gone to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. According to an article posted on, which is a Portland news channel, they aren't sure whether they want to give him up permanently or not.

Lux, Portland's "attack cat" has been sent to a shelter. The Palmer family is unsure whether they're going to keep him.
Patrick Mitchell

Portland police wondered at the time of the incident if perhaps Lux would be able to "reform his violent ways," according to the KGW article. Spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said, "Maybe it's something that can be worked out through mediation between the family and cat."

Lee Palmer, Lux's owner, is also unwilling to actually relinquish Lux. He apparently has some help coming from out of state, but wouldn't say what that was. According to "The Oregonian," Mike Oswald, the shelter's director, said the family's having a hard time deciding what to do about Lux. But the shelter does work with owners who aren't sure about giving up their pets.

Lux became famous last week when he flew into a rage after Palmer kicked him for scratching the family's seven-month old baby. According to some reports, the baby had pulled the cat's tail, which caused him to lash out. After getting kicked for that, the furious cat chased everybody into a bedroom, and then howled and hissed at them from the other side of the door while the family called 911.

This type of behavior isn't normal. Domestic cats aren't normally violent with people. It's possible that Lux has been treated this way before, and was merely trying to defend himself, rather than attack.

Jackson Galaxy, of "My Cat from Hell" from Animal Planet, said that anybody who watches his show should know that, in these situations, there's usually a human element to the behavior. This type of behavior doesn't just happen. He also said that there's the possibility that Lux is in pain. Anything from an abscessed tooth to a brain tumor can cause behavior like that.

Galaxy hasn't spent any time with Lux or the Palmer family, however, so he can't say for certain what the problem is.

The shelter hasn't said anything about whether Lux is suffering from health problems. The Palmer family called animal services to have them come get Lux from their house.

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