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Luster Premium Review

 Luster Premium White
Luster Premium White

Luster Premium White is a tooth whitening system which has won awards from various magazines. After having used only one product (though we've used them all), we can see how others would recognize the excellence therein.


1 box Distinctly White Dual Action Whitening System (1 bottle of mouth rinse & 1
tube of super whitening gel)

1 box Power White Deep Stain Eraser: Daily Toothpaste

1 box Pro Light Teeth Whitening System (1 bottle of Accelerator Mouth Rinse, 1
tube of Super Whitening Gel & 1 Activating Whitening Light)

The amazing aspect of the Luster Premium White outfit is that you can use only the toothpaste, only the mouth rinse, only the Action Whitening System or only the Pro Light Teeth Whitening System and receive almost immediate results. Well, that's just one of the amazing aspects of the Luster system.

The next incredible aspect is that all of these components act quickly! Seriously, we began our usage with only the toothpaste and went up 1 shade (shade card is included) on our second brushing. Then, we added the mouth rinse and went up another 2 shades (our first usage). After that, we began using everything and our teeth are looking better. Fast!

Here's the thing. We've used another brand name a few years ago and spent $30.00. Our teeth were whitened, but, it took a month or so. Luster does far better than this and you need not spend the $65.00 that it would take to buy this entire system! It is just not necessary.

If you are low on funds, you may wish to begin as you are financially able and build up your Luster usage from there. It's affordable. It works.

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