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Lush Spa Opening Night, Press Preview at 783 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY

Lush Spa on The Upper East Side
Lush Spa on The Upper East Side
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Earlier this month, LUSH opened a new spa on the Upper East Side near Bloomingdales.

When LUSH opened back in 1977, co-founders, Mark Constantine and Liz Bennett used to run a business named, "Herbal Hair and Beauty Clinic" so eventually opening a spa here was a natural progression.

Each spa experience is meant to be uplifting, a complete transformation of the senses including music created by UK folk musician, Simon Emmerson along with Behavioral Therapist, Lady Helen Kennedy.

Along with creating a traditional English-style spa, a large wooden kitchen table was constructed along with various vintage teacups and old-fashioned books as well as jars with fresh wild flowers.

With seven fabulous treatments to choose from, you will depart your journey with a relaxed feeling of well-being.

As massage therapist, Miriam explains, "The Synaesthesia Treatment gives you the option to have Ambition, build Confidence, have more Perspective, be Enlightened, at Peace, Relaxed, Self-Esteem, be Uninhibited or cleanse the Mind." Each treatment is emotion-specific, after selecting what type of experience you would like to partake in, this 80 minute massage for the mind, body and soul also includes a bubble bath stone with essential oils to compliment the treatment afterwards to also incorporate with one of eleven different states of this journey.

With a slight sound of birds chirping in the background, the music also heals the mind with a passage of time from day to evening and afternoon.

In addition Validation, The Good Hour, Tailor Made and The Comforter are other massage treatments offered, there is truly something for everyone at LUSH SPA.

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