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Lush Lashes

There are many different ways to enhance you lashes. Creating volume and length has never been so easy. Many salons offer various treatments and applications to lashes to give women the look they so desire. Many women have asked me what would be the best technique to achieve volume and beautiful lashes. I have experienced everything and here are the pros and cons of each type.

Good old fashion lash strip. Pros: The benefits are that it can be applied quick and easy with eyelash glue such as DUO which is one of my personal favorites and it is available in both black and white adhesive glue. The lashes come in a variety of lengths, volume and colors which makes it easy to apply. Inexpensive and versatile. Mascara can be used. Cons: These lash strips can come off if not glued on properly and also are not waterproof.

Individual lash extensions or Semi Permanent lash extensions. Pros: These lashes look fabulous! The application takes about one hour and can last up to two weeks. Each lash is applied individually to your own lashes as the base of the eyelid using lash adhesive. The beauty of this technique is that you can have full set of thicker lashes or they can be applied to create a dramatic effect just by being applied in the corners of your eye or simply in the middle as a filler to enhance what you already have! Mascara can be used but not necessary. Also they are waterproof but be careful not to drench them because they can become easily tangled. Cons: These lashes can become clumpy and unruly after a few days if they are not properly cared for. The lashes can not get wet for 24 hours. Also, can you cannot go into a sauna or steam room when you have these lashes first applied. This technique requires professional removal or your natural lashes can get ripped out. Also, these lashes cannot be reused and have to be done every two weeks which can range from 50.00 to 500.00 depending on the type of lashes and the salon.

Synthetic, human hair and mink eyelashes. Synthetic lashes are made from unnatural fibers and can sometimes look tacky. Human hair lashes are made from human hair and are typically more natural looking. Mink lashes are more expensive but lush and shiny. The mink hairs are thicker and creates more volume when applied.

Lash Formulas. There are many products on the market that condition and help your lashes to grow and become fuller naturally. Revitalash, Ardell and Loreal lash boosting serum are great for lash length and conditioning.

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