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Lush experience awaits at Lush

Lush Towson Town Center

Rating ****

When touring the bazillion stores in the Towson (Md.) Town Center it might be easy to overlook Lush. Located on the second level of the mall, Lush lures you in with a fantastic come-hither aroma that wafts through the corridor. It’s a clean uncomplicated scent thatpromises something new and different and Lush delivers.

Lush defines itself as a purveyor of fresh handmade cosmetics, but it’s really more of a place for uniquely crafted products for body care – head to toe. At Lush, slabs of handmade soaps share space with body creams, fragrances, shampoos and facial cleansers.

Aside from an abundance of nifty things to pick up and smell, Lush also offers a refreshing experience in customer service. The associates are young, attractive and a bit quirky which only adds to a uniquely pleasant experience. But above all, they are knowledgeable. It is evident that associates are more than acquainted with Lush product lines and they offer informed suggestions on what might work best for your particular skincare needs.

Need an exfoliant but have sensitive skin? Associates quickly recommended Angels on Bare Skin, a clay-based cleanser infused with lavender. They are quick to point out the store’s focus on limiting waste by providing recyclable and returnable containers and how Lush extends its brand through its corporate responsibility programs that support environmental organizations. In no way is any of this offered information preachy - itt’s just fact presented as part of the retail experience.

Lush associates don’t just sell products, they seem to live the philosophy of if you do good, you do well. Whatever method Lush corporate uses to recruit the ideal associates for their brand is one that other retailers might want to emulate, for when you have a retail team that truly believes in the product they are selling you have more than a cashier, you have a valuable member of a wide-reaching marketing team.

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  • Kater 5 years ago

    Love the products! And agree the customer service is better than average.

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