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Lush Cosmetics launches “Sign of Love” Campaign to support LGBT rights in Russia

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As the Sochi 2014 Olympics approach, renowned cosmetics company Lush Cosmetics has launched a “Sign of Love” valentine’s campaign to promote equal love around the world. Since the Sochi Games is held in Russia, currently one of the most homophobic countries of the world, Lush hopes to protest against LGBT discrimination in Russia with this equal love campaign.

Lush will promote the message of equal love by displaying the slogan “We believe in Love” in all the stores around the world. The employees are also encouraged to paint pink triangles on their bodies as a way of showing their support for LGBT love. However, if the slogan were to appear in the shops in Russia, it may be at risk of violating the anti-gay legislation in the country, since it is now illegal to publicly display signs of homosexuality.

Other than encouraging their employees to support the cause, Lush will also encourage people to upload photos of themselves with the sign of love on the company’s official Pinterest page in order to show support for LGBT people in Russia. To effectively drive the campaign, people are also encouraged to sign a petition created by LGBT rights organisation “All Out” that urges Russia to eradicate its anti-gay legislation and give basic human rights back to the people.