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Luscious, sophisticated and classic candy: Oregon's Homemade Confections

Luscious, sophisticated and classic candy: Oregon's Homemade Confections
Luscious, sophisticated and classic candy: Oregon's Homemade Confections
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

These days, when it comes to indulging a sweet tooth, many folks are looking to make the occasion worth it. After all, with so many sugary things out there -- even vitamins come in candy form now -- people want their indulgences to be memorable. That's why I was happy to be hosted to experience Homemade Confections, out of Oregon!

The owner, Judith Galindo, uses only the highest quality chocolate, sweet cream butter, pure Tahitian vanilla and all other premium ingredients. The artisan company has garnered such honors as being included in the swag bags for the 2013 Academy Awards, 2011 MTV Movie Awards, 2011 SAG Awards, 2010 Tony Awards, 2010 Emmy Awards, and also, “Oregon Chocolate Festival” award twice.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles are super rich! They're the creamiest part of a cheesecake, even butterier, enrobed in darker chocolate. They melt in your mouth. I would suggest serving them with a non-sweet after-dinner liqueur!

Macadamia Brittle is not sticky/hard-crack candy like other brittles. It's made of very quality ingredients and even has a lightness to it. The flavor is reminiscent of almond cookies, only richer, with whole nuts. It's crunchy and buttery.

English Toffee, her signature product, is crafted with bittersweet chocolate and hand-roasted almonds. This toffee for grown-ups: not overly sweet, dark brown sugar flavors share flavor emphasis with a darker, almost coffee note. It's crisp and rich.

Homemade Confection's Peanut Brittle is head and shoulders above peanut brittle you get on a boardwalk or whatever. It's got fresher nuts, the flavor comes through. You can tasted toastiness! It's crunchy, with a little bit of chewiness.

Gourmet Dessert Topping is a unique product, because it's bits of lots of different things! I tried it on top of some locally made olive oil and sea salt ice cream, which was great. I would also suggest this: keep some on hand for unexpected guests, serve it in a pretty antique china bowl along with some dark roasted coffee. People will like the casual touch of just grabbing for something gourmet and you won't have to fuss.

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