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Lupus in Dogs

skin sores from Lupus
skin sores from Lupus
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Many people do not realize that dogs can get Lupus. It is the same disease that affects humans. The cause in both dogs and humans is unknown and in humans seems to affect women most often and those of the African, Asian, Hispanic and Native American descent. Although in dogs it does not seem to discriminate between sexes or breeds.

Lupus is a disease where the dog’s immune system attacks itself destroying healthy tissue. The problem in diagnosing Lupus is that it often mimics other diseases.
The signs of Lupus are:
Increased respiratory rate
Thinning of the skin
Lack of Appetite and weight loss
Abnormal behavior such as aggression
Renal disorders
Widespread arthritis

While there is no cure for Lupus, the good news is that it is relatively rare.
If you suspect that your dog has Lupus, take them to a veterinarian. Diagnosing Lupus is done through a battery of tests to eliminate other similar diseases.

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