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Lupita Nyongo golden skin

Photo by Jesse Grant

Lupita Nyongo is the “it” girl in Hollywood this year, she is hitting homeruns out of the fashion ballpark each award show and her gorgeous flawless skin is a combination of good genes and taking good care of her skin. Lady Lupita is a makeup artist dream because she can wear bold colors that only seem to enhance her beauty, and from a skin therapist point of view she knows how to take care of her oily skin.

The Mexican born Kenyan beauty, stated in a red carpet interview that she drinks about 10 glasses of water a day and cleanses her face with avocado and a Hawaiian kukui oil. Avocado and kukui oil are very hydrating for the skin, and many people with oily or combination skin are afraid to use oils or to moisturize because they thinks it will add to the oil; it will not. Lupita knows that the oils will help to balance her skin tone, and keep her pores cleaner and unclogged. Lupita also says that she doesn't wear a lot of makeup on her off days, which helps her skin to breathe and helps in not having to exfoliate her skin so often. Exfoliation is needed to speed up cell turnover, if you keep your skin routine consistent the less you will have to exfoliate to keep fine line away. So Lupita knows acting, fashion and skincare just like BO Jackson knew football and baseball.

Here are some skincare tips for oily skin types:

1. Use oils- Avocado and Kukui oils helps to hydrate, and refine skin texture

2. Gel based, and foaming cleansers are good- say no to abrasive cleansers

3. Do exfoliate! Exfoliation keeps breakout away, but DO NOT OVER STIMULATE

4. Use a Masque treatment once a week- Bentonite and Kaolin clay masque work wonders to balance the oil.

5. Do Moisturize- Oily skin needs hydration and moisture

6. Do use sunscreen- for over the counter; I like Neutrogena Ultra –Sheer dry touch. Its sweat- proof and water-proof and it won’t clog your pores.

7. Drink plenty of water

8. Oily skin can be glowing skin like Lupita

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