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Lupe Fiasco at House of Blues

Lupe Fiasco (Photo: Karin Dailey /
Lupe Fiasco (Photo: Karin Dailey /

Lupe Fiasco was at the Boston House of Blues on Wednesday night. Lupe kicked and pushed through his 90-minute set - never coasting. The Chicago-born rapper comes to the stage with such energy, his set is a non-stop aerobic workout, and the fans in the house were no strangers to his music. For example, during a few verses of  "Go Go Gadget Flow," Lupe leaned close to the crowd, and went head-to-head with a fan who mouthed every lyric at full speed. Quite impressive.  Lupe is currently hitting venues across the country to promote his new album, Lasers.

Lupe Fiasco
Karin Dailey

There were a handful of college students in the front row and they shared their thoughts on Lupe Fiasco and his music. Kevin from Billerica said, “I saw Lupe a couple years ago with Kanye West. I’ve been waiting for him to come back, because he’s unreal. He’s the best rapper and I love listening to him.” James added, “All his beats are sick. His lyrics are sick. Everything has meaning. He’s a great musician.” And close to him was Dan, “Lupe Fiasco is easily the best rapper alive. If Lasers is anything like The Cool, it’s going to be the best CD I’ve ever heard.”

Brenden and Brenden are roommates at Umass Lowell. One of them stated, “Lupe is amazing. I’ve listened to all the mixtapes and CDs - all the way back from A Rhyming Ape. I can’t wait for the new one to drop.” The other one continued, “Ever since Food & Liquor came out, I’ve been obsessed with Lupe. He’s by far one of the top 5 artists out there. Everything he’s doing is great. He’s got a message in every word he spits – it’s got meaning behind it and that’s cool.”

Army fatigues, a black shirt and black shoes were the uniform for Lupe Fiasco’s Steppin Lasers Tour, he even asked fans to wear these items to the show via Twitter. Those who obliged were invited on stage for the final song, "Daydreamin". 8 or so lucky Bostonians enjoyed ‘performing’ alongside the rapper for a hilarious closer.

You might remember that Hewlett Packard commercial for Summit on the Summit, where a team climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to fight the global clean water crisis. Lupe Fiasco made the climb earlier this year. Check out video clips, tweets and stats from his adventure.

Decatur, Atlanta was in the house, in the form of hip-hop newcomer, B.O.B. I usually just list the support at the end of a review, but B.O.B showed us a little something different that night. There are so many layers to this artist, he moved effortlessly through a handful of personas – picking up a guitar, rapping a cappella…never losing the audience’s attention.  He's a promising new artist, bringing quality back to the hip-hop game.  Thank you.

Lupe is on Twitter and you can follow him here:
B.O.B is on Twitter also. Follow him here:
Additional support in Boston: Dosage


  • Ian 5 years ago

    if only Wednesdays were not so busy for me...
    No backstage info? Where's the dirt? We want a Lupe Scoop

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