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Lunging or lounging

We snatched this up in Nordstrom at Lakewood Center ($296).
We snatched this up in Nordstrom at Lakewood Center ($296).
Lakewood Center.

Whether you’re hitting the gym to shred those post-holiday seven plus extra pounds, or are just hitting the couch to watch the Golden Globe nominated movies of the year (before it’s too late!)—give slouchy the slip, and choose lounge wear that works for you. You know the difference, you can go baggy and saggy, or you can pick sleek and slimming. Invest in the best—there really is no down time when it comes to great style. We’ve catalogued a few of our notable favorites below—try a few on and decide for yourself:

Luxe Deluxe.Juicy’s got the corner market on sexy tracksuits. These form fitting velour two-pieces are known for making cozy—couture. We love this sparkle burst version in slate with its slighty edgy graphic detail on the side of the pants and back of the hoodie. We snatched this up in Nordstrom at Lakewood Center ($296).

White Hot. Forget frumpy when you’re layering on fleece—find one with a little flair. This white-is-right jacket features simple extra details that add up to a lot of sass. Sidelined front zipper, dramatic open collar and trim fit take this one from basic to brazen. Get it at Footlocker in Inland Center ($80).

Top This. Tank top, schmank top—most just blend and you fade. Make a statement with a cut that stands out like this heart-shaped, ruched, racer back top that tucks you in and trots you out. This uber flattering version will show you off and keep you in place—no matter how high you jump or how low you stretch. Find it at Lucy in La Cumbre Plaza ($48).