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Lundi sans viande coming soon to Québec

A delicious vegan meal of veggies with quinoa.
A delicious vegan meal of veggies with quinoa.
Janice Von Itter

The Meatless Monday campaign began in 2003 in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with the aim to 'help reduce meat consumption 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.'

The campaign makes no mention of animals or their use and treatment by humans. Indeed, Meatless Monday is part of a broader Monday initiative- for example, other Monday campaigns include Monday 2000 to support weight loss, Quit and Stay Quit Monday to help smokers, and Monday Mile to promote exercise. Thus, Meatless Monday is part of a larger campaign to improve public health and protect the environment, and is not specifically an animal rights initiative. In fact, Meatless Monday has its roots in World War I when the U.S. government urged Americans to support the war effort by consuming less of certain staples.

Although Meatless Monday does not ultimately support animal rights, this initiative may nevertheless provide useful resources and act as a motivating tool for those wishing to transition to veganism. In no time, Meatless Monday can become Meatless Everyday. Their web site provides dozens of recipes and participants are encouraged to share their own.

For Montrealers, there is a Meatless Monday campaign underway closer to home - Lundi sans viande . The campaign's spokesperson, Carl Saucier-Bouffard, appeared on Mario Dumont's programme 360 and also on a 98.5 radio show back in November to discuss the campaign. Lundi sans viande is supported by a number of well-known Québec personalities and organisations.

Notably, unlike the American Meatless Monday, one of Lundi sans viande's stated goals is to reduce animal suffering in factory farms through ethical food choices.

Campaign organisers are currently building a roster of participating restaurants that will serve at least one vegan meal on Mondays. The general public is invited to get involved and contact restaurants, organisations and governments in order to implement and promote the campaign across the province.

The Lundi sans viande website contains a growing list of recipes. Please refer to the links list on the right-hand side of this page for links to even more vegan recipes.

The official launch of Lundi sans viande will take place during the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre vert 2010  on 19 March 2010 in Montreal and 27 March 2010 in Québec. Check the Expo's website for more details.


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