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Lunchtime blues: How to freshen, clean and scrub a thermos

Saving money and utilizing your frugal values during the year can really help the family budget. Bringing your lunch to work or school also provides your family with good and healthy foods.

How to get to the bottom of a thermos!

Thermos can be used all year round. They can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. Taller ones are usually used for hot and cold beverages while short and wider ones stores hot or cold foods easier.

Cleaning one that has a wide opening is a lot easier to clean when you get home for use the next day. Your hand and the sponge have enough room to wash it out properly. This isn’t the case for the tall and slim thermos.

To stay safe and healthy they all need to be washed. Remnants of the last meal stuck on the sides will cause illnesses if not removed after each use.

So how do you get inside a thermos that can just barely hold a bottle brush?

There are actually three ways to get your thermos looking like new each and every time their used. Some thermos may need to be freshened if they sat in the cupboard for a long time. Others used on a daily basis need to be cleaned or scrubbed.

Here are the three ways to keep your thermos clean and safe to use:

Freshen a thermos:

Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and place it into the thermos. Fill the thermos with warm water, screw on top and shake for a minute or two. Let the thermos with the solution inside sit for 10 minutes then wash and rinse as usual.

Clean a thermos:

Take 1 teaspoon of cascade gel and place it into the thermos. Full the thermos will boiled water, screw on top and shark for a minute or two. Let the thermos sit for one hour then wash and rinse as usual.

Scrub a thermos:

Take ½ cup of rice and place it into the thermos. Add ½ cup of white vinegar to the thermos, screw on the lid and shake for a minute or two then wash and rinse as usual.

Fill that thermos – feel safe using it – save money and enjoy that home cooking!

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