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Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

As a mom to a 3 year old and a 9 month old I know how important it is to feed your kids a good variety of food. You want them to be able to experience different flavors and textures. Sometimes you can get into a rut with lunch ideas and give them the same things over and over. Here is a list of lunch ideas that can help your child try different foods.

  • Sandwich - This is a basic but try out different lunch meats and cheeses.
  • Quesadilla - Cheese, chicken, or beef quesadillas are always a fun idea!
  • Pasta - Weather it is plain pasta or you add some marinara sauce to it, change up the noodles so it's more fun and enjoyable for your little one.
  • Chicken Nuggets - Always a kid favorite!
  • Hot dogs - Again another kid favorite!
  • Pizza- Make little pizzas with your child, they will enjoy helping you make them lunch which will in return make them enjoy lunch even better.
  • Chicken Salad - Make it either into a sandwich or dip crackers into it.
  • Leftovers - Nothing wrong with being simple and throwing some leftovers from dinner into the microwave.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - Make one for yourself while your at it!
  • Soup - Tomato soup goes perfect with grilled cheese sandwiches.

With each meal, including dinners, I always try to throw a fruit in there and for dinners I always add a vegetable. Also, I usually give them some goldfish, cheez-its or some other form of crackers with their lunches.

Have fun with lunches! Experiment with different types of foods and see what ideas you can come up with!

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