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Lunch buffet hits the spot


As a rule, Ellendale’s lunch buffet consists of several meat choices (sometimes a seafood item); four vegetable dishes; casserole/quiche/lasagna; two starches (such as basil rice with sun-dried tomato, sweet potato fries, etc…); six salads and a dessert/breads/appetizer station.

There is also a pasta station open at lunch, consisting of a wide variety of add-ins such as chicken, ham, sausage, bacon, shrimp, cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, jalapenos, fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, onions, artichokes, roasted red peppers and broccoli. The pasta bar also comes with your choice of sauces: marinara, fresh pesto (or make it pesto cream sauce), Alfredo.
On this Friday afternoon (at 1:00pm), the main buffet consisted of three meat choices, a vegetable medley, fried onion rings, baked beans, a fragrant rice, smashed garlic potatoes and what looked like a vegetable lasagna (I didn’t ask…and they didn’t tell !).
The station direction across from the main buffet held three or four desserts (if you want a larger dessert selection, visit on the weekends and hit the Brunch). This same station also offered a very flavorful hummus with fresh pita slices, as well as a tasty (though not spicy) cheesy dip and tortilla chips.
My personal favorites this trip to Ellendale’s were (hands down) the salad bar and pasta station. All items on both stations looked and tasted fresh (even though it was 1:15 by the time we began partaking). The salad dressing (as proclaimed) was made in-house and was delicious; the Caesar salad had just the right balance of creamy and tart. My selection at the pasta was a simple blend of shrimp, mushrooms, artichokes, spinach in a pesto and cream sauce over penne. (Everyone who knows me is they know how picky I am about cream sauces…)
I am happy to report the sauce was delicious; the consistency was perfect, and it did not set up like Elmer’s glue before I finished eating it! Thumbs up in my book!
Oh! And the fruit was fabulously ripe and in season! 
As for price, we made it out the door for just over $30 for the two of us. 
Not cheap for lunch, but if you come with a big appetite—you can’t beat it.
Buffet Hours & Prices
·         Mon-Fri 11AM to 2PM - $10.95
·         Saturday 10AM to 2PM - $13.95
·         Sunday 10AM to 3PM - $15.95
Located just minutes from the airport
2739 Old Elm Hill Pike
Donelson, TN 37214

Ellendale's also has a terrific Sunday Brunch...


  • Bethany 5 years ago

    Did not know they had a lunch buffet. Good info.

  • Tracy B Ann 5 years ago

    This used to be a fantastic place. Then they expanded and expanded and the astmosphere lost it's appeal, the food got bland and the prices skyrocketed. It's a shame. 2 people used to be able to eat there for less than $20 and that included a generous tip.

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