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Lunatic Luau 14 brought the rock and the crowds

Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold
Michele Landon - Redhead LIVE! Music Photography

This years Lunatic Luau was another hit for FM99 at Farm Bureau Live Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, VA on Friday, May 2nd. The weather several days prior had everyone hoping for clear skies. The day started at 2:30 PM with clouds and spitting sprinkles but after the first two opening bands, it cleared out and a very nice day commenced.

Lunatic Luau - Avenged Sevenfold
Michele Landon - Redhead LIVE! Music Photography

The Luau pulled bands traveling from Florida's recent rock fest and others heading down to Charlotte, NC for the next festival on Saturday. It was the perfect way to catch most of the headlining acts in a one day forum and a smaller crowd with the opportunity to get closer to the bands and find them walking around the grounds. Joshua and Nick of Pop Evil were seen supporting many of the other bands that day, along with others.

Playing the main stage this year were Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Pop Evil, Trivium and VA Beach's local Sea of Souls. The side stage was sponsored by Fuzion Ink with Killswitch Engage, Salvia, Adelita's Way, Kyng, Devour The Day and winners of the Battle of the Band for 2014, S.I.N.N.

The day moved fast between the stages and the crowds soared to 15,500 filling the hills watching the side stage and the pit, seats and lawn of the main stage. The stages are close so when traveling between the two, you are never far from the stages. Live Nation crews helped the crowds during the crowd surfing at the Fuzion Ink stage and kept things moving fast. All bands brought their A game and the crowds surged and roared their approval.

Five Finger Death Punch was next to the last band for the festival. Ivan took time to make sure a young fan in the front row got a guitar pick and a wrist band. When their set came to an end of the time allotment, Ivan decided he would pay the fine for playing over their time slot so the crowd could have a second encore. I believe it was up around $10,000 by the time they were done. He commented that the Lunatic Luau crowd was the most expensive blind date he'd been on. The crowd was ecstatic and very appreciative.

Avenged Sevenfold closed out the cool evening with raging rock, pyrotechnics on a huge stage set and had everyone on their feet. 2014 was a good year for Lunatic Luau. Keep your eyes open to see what 2015 will bring!