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Lunar & Solar Eclipses & The Grand Square, April 2014

Cosmic News: Astrological Happenings for April 2014

For those of you who follow the world of Astrology and the Cosmos, you may have already know by now that April is going to be quite an interesting and intense month. For those of you that just tuned in and are reading this for the first time, hold on to your seats because April is going to be a whirlwind of a ride. It is such a ‘ride’ that astrologers named April as the most intense month of 2014.

What makes April such an intense month?

We have two eclipses in April. Typically, each month we have a Full Moon and a New Moon. On occasions, every now and then we will get an eclipse during a month. These eclipses are like the Full Moon and New Moon, except their energies and attributes can linger around us for up to six months; instead of the usual two weeks. So, to have two eclipses in April makes this month an interesting ride.

The first eclipse we will be experiencing is the Lunar Eclipse in Libra that will happen on the 15th. With this Lunar Eclipse in Libra we can expect completion (Lunar) in the area of our relationships and self-worth (Libra). We will be questioning the relationship that we are in, what we value in a relationship, and also our self-worth in a relationship. This could be a relationship with a partner, friend, family, and even yourself. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra will bring things to consciousness and awareness. For some, this can be painful, perhaps a break-up or letting go. For others, it can be more of an awakening to help improve the relationship. Or for those singles out there, you may suddenly come create new love and romance because you now know what you want in a relationship.

The second eclipse is the Solar Eclipse in Taurus that will happen on the 28th. Like the New Moon, Solar Eclipse is about starting something new and a new beginning. For this Solar Eclipse, it is going to be beautiful positive energy because majority of the planets are harmonious to each other. In some ways, this eclipse is like the healing part of what happened or what occurred during the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. We will be healing and changing from the Lunar Eclipse experience, which is a great thing because we are all meant to be on this Earth to evolve and to grow. However, it will only be beautiful and positive if you allow the change. Taurus is a stubborn sign, so if you resist the change, this eclipse may not be so pleasant. So, word of advice is to roll with the changes and grow and evolve.

Remember, the eclipse’s energy will last for many months. So, if you do not feel it this month or feel like you viewpoints or situations have not change; you still have about 6 months to experience the eclipse.

Besides having two eclipses this month, another important cosmic happening is The Grand Square that will happen on the 20th through the 23rd. The powerful Grand Square will involve the planets Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter; forcing us to change an area that we may not want to, but have to. It is going to be a powerful Grand Square because it has the planet Jupiter, and whatever Jupiter touches expands in a big way. So we will need to make a big change in our life whether we like it or not. Perhaps The Grand Square will force us to change our views on relationship, change our situation in our relationship, change how we see ourselves, or just change in order to evolve in a positive way. It will be frustrating because The Grand Square will be just right before the Solar Eclipse in Taurus. No one likes change, but change is always needed, and this month the planets will be forcing you to make the change. It will only be maddening if you are too stubborn to allow the change, but if you do, this month will end beautifully for you and you will be going into May with a fresh new outlook on love, relationships, and yourself that will really improve your life.

Best advice for the entire month of April is to change, do not fight it. Welcome the change and the idea of evolving and growing for a better YOU.

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