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Lunar Revel 2014 begins on League of Legends

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The weather may be cold in Fort Worth, but the League of Legends forecast shows things will be heating up with the Lunar Revel 2014 event! Although unofficially announced, the annual celebration of the Chinese New Year (of the Horse) and the Lunar Revel have begun today! This year features a bunch of new and festive goodies that will help you soak up the revelry. As you may have expected, those goodies include new champion skins, ward skins, summoner icons, mystery gifting, and more!

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This year's Lunar Revel reveals three new lively and limited time celebratory skins!

  1. Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere – 975 Riot Points
  2. Dragonblade Riven – 975 Riot Points
  3. *Lunar Goddess Diana* – 975 Riot Points (possibly NOT a limited time skin)

These 2014 Lunar Revel skins will only be available for purchase during this holiday event, so grab them while you can! Apart from champion skins, there are also two limited time Lunar Revel 2014 ward skins available for purchase:

  1. Banner of the Horse Ward – 640 Riot Points
  2. Gong Ward – 640 Riot Points

It's not a League of Legends celebration without a few summoner icons to unlock! This year features at least four Chinese hand fan icons that anyone can obtain:

  1. Year of the Horse hand fan (Win a game using the matchmaking system)
  2. Lunar Goddess hand fan (Play two matchmade games with at least one friend on Twisted Treeline or Dominion)
  3. Dragonblade hand fan (Play two matchmade games with at least one friend on Howling Abyss)
  4. Warring Kingdoms hand fan (Play two matchmade games with at least one friend on Summoner's Rift)

Mystery gifting has been a great success with the last two holiday events, so Riot Games is taking advantage of the feature again! Gift a friend a mystery skin for a champion they own, or gift them a mystery champion that they do not own. Find a Fort Worth friend and give the gift of giving!

Check out the festive Lunar Revel 2014 login screen now and join the fun! For further details, check the official Lunar Revel 2014 page. Legacy skins have been appearing for sale rather frequently compared to the past, so it seems that they will not make an appearance during this event.

Riot Games continues to bring more and more content to League of Legends with every holiday. Find a friend and get a few games in before these unlockables and priced paraphernalia disappear!


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