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Lunar eclipse: Find out where best to view Friday's full moon partial eclipse

A penumbral lunar eclipse will partially obscure the full moon on Friday, Oct. 18.
A penumbral lunar eclipse will partially obscure the full moon on Friday, Oct. 18.

The full moon Friday will look a little spookier this month, as it will be partially eclipsed by the Earth's shadow. October's full moon is called the Hunter's Moon, and for 2013 it will undergo a penumbral lunar eclipse. The moon won't be darkened completely, the Earth's shadow will only make the lower half of the moon appear darker, according to msnNOW on Oct. 17.

The eclipse will reach its most dramatic point on Friday, Oct. 18 at 7:50 p.m. EST. North American residents will have a pretty good chance of viewing the event, so long as cloud coverage cooperates.

You'll first notice the start of the celestial event when a dark grey shading begins to appear along the southeastern edge of the moon. The term penumbral actually derives from the latin word "umbra", meaning shade.

Viewers will see lesser traces of the penumbral shading for about 45 minutes before and after the peak time, if you look for the shading moving from east to west across the disc.

Viewers in Africa, Europe and across the Middle East will be in for the best viewing during prime darkest overnight hours. Sky watchers in Asia get to witness the partial lunar eclipse at dawn on Oct. 19.

Residents in North and South America will experience the maximum eclipse around the time of the moonrise, which is also just about the time of sunset. reports on where to best view the 2013 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. They indicate that the farther east and north you're located, the better your chances of seeing this eclipse.

For North American observers, the effects of the Earth's shadow on the moon will be most pronounced towards the lower right corner of the moon.

If you miss Friday's event, don't despair, the next total lunar eclipse will occur on April 14, 2014.

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