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Luna Sol Esoterica

The hard to miss Queen Ann-Style home
The hard to miss Queen Ann-Style home
from the Luna Sol Esoterica website

Luna Sol Esoterica translates to sun moon esoteric.

Luna Sol Esoterica is a metaphysical shop located right in the heart of historical town of Sanford, Fla. It’s hard to miss the spiritual shop run by welcoming owners. The owner Ann Moura, an international award winning author of the Green Witchcraft series, and her daughter Xyn work right out of a large Queen Ann-Style home.

Ann Moura is hosting a lot of amazing events right in front of the shop. For example, on the first Sunday of every month she host a Meditation Group, alone side a large tomcat named Bizzo.

The event includes guided meditations and several other tips and tricks to help along the way. Refreshments are always provided afterwards for two dollars in order to help maintain the shop and what they offer.

There will also be a Sidhe Moon Ritual, hosted of course by Ann. This ritual celebrates the ‘second Dark moon in the same Solar Month’. Reservations are required and donations are accepted. Another amazing event you would not want to pass up would be the psychic readings with Torre. Appointments are required, so if you are interested you may want to check out their website because space fills up fast.

While taking a look around the shop you may catch a glimpse of amazing items like the Dropa Skulls. The two Dropa Skulls are a part of the Legendary Crystal Skulls of 2012. The skulls helps embrace and release positive energy for healing the Earth.

As you take in the positive energy and release it back, you may be able to purchase one of Ann’s top selling books right from the shop. Each of her books, from the Green Witchcraft series, are translated into nine different languages and are sold internationally.
Interested in meeting Ann and Xyn you can stop by their shop at:

311 S. Park Ave.
Sanford, Fl

Store hours:

Wednesday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Or you can visit the website at for more information.

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