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Lumi needs to give players more information about the game

Lumi offers a challenging platforming experience for Android and iOS devices, but one key design flaw increases the game's difficulty. The game's designers failed to provide background material that would have made a player care about the game's universe.

One of the many colorful Lumi screenshots
Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons LIcense

The player can learn Lumi's goal by reading its marketplace description. Lumi and her friends use the power of magnetism to prevent their worlds from falling into darkness. The player never learns how the title character accomplishes this task, and each level has its own goals. Developers let the players know what they need to do at the start of each level.

Despite the developer's failure to engage the gamer, a player can still enjoy the game for a few minutes at a time. The puzzles are challenging enough to interest people for a short period of time, although the game does not lend itself to hours-long playing sessions.

A gamer who can get past these flaws can find game worlds filled with bright colors. Lumi could be a great game, but the developers need to go back and make sure players know the back story. It earns two out of five stars.

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