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Lumenplay Color Splash: Customizing Lights with an App

Festive lighting is featured during most holidays and special events. In the past decade alone there have been massive improvements made by lighting companies. Vibrant shades of blue and purple are now standard features on many strings of lights and LED bulbs have made lights brighter, longer lasting and safer. Energy efficient and cost effective, these LED lights are incredibly bright but cool to the touch which eliminates the fire-hazard that old fashioned lights created.

Lumenplay's technology will greatly increase the impressiveness of Christmas trees.
Photo by Pedro Loureiro/Getty Images

Recently, a company called Lumenplay has found a way to make lights even more fantastic—by allowing individuals to customize the exact shade and brightness of the lights that they use. The product is called “Colorsplash” and, by using the Lumenplay app, the technology enables people to control and interact with lights in ways that was not previously possible.

Lumenplay is a Bluetooth SMART, energy efficient, multi-colored string of lights that you control with your Android or iPhone. According to the product website, Lumenplay’s lights can produce 16 million colors! The strings of lights look just like ordinary lights and they plug into regular strands. Additionally, the bulb covers are interchangeable which gives the owner absolute freedom to completely customize the appearance of each string.

Lumenplay lights can be programmed in any combination of color and move at any speed desired—they can even be set to synchronize with music! The lights are controlled from phones or tablets using either Android or iPhone technology. By downloading the app, an individual can fully control their lights by simply touching the color wheel icon on the screen.

Each strand of lights has bulbs spaced every 8 ¼ inches on green-colored wiring. Presently there are two strand lengths: 10 feet with 15 lights and 20 feet with 30 lights. Lumenplay sets can reach 340 feet long when extensions are added to a starter strand (maximum connections totals 17 strands).

Another interesting aspect of the Lumenplay product is that the bulb covers are changeable. Hence, a single strand of lights can have several styles of bulb covers depending on what the individual owner wants. Thus, bulb covers are available in an array of holiday designs. Even more innovatively, the Lumenplay website has provided STEP, IGES, STLPRT and STL files to let users to design their own bulb covers. Therefore, as long as you have a 3D printer you can create your own unique bulb designs. Best of all, the light bulbs are break-resistant and the LEDs have a life span of approximately 20,000 hours! They are waterproof so they can withstand rain and snow and can be used indoors and outdoors.

These are customizable and interactive lights and they have quickly gained attention on the Internet. Lumenplay started out as a Crowd Source project where the creators successfully sought funding to sponsor their project in August 2013. According to the Crowd Supply website there are several kinds of visual effects (including games and music responses) that this product offers:

Color Schemes:
• Solid color - solid color(s)
• Multi-ball - lights chase in sequence
• Stack - colors enter the set and stack one at a time until set is full
• Fade single - single colors fade in and out
• Fade the rainbow - set is a solid color and fades into another solid color
• Fade transition - color fades light to light
• Twinkle - lights randomly twinkle
• Cross wave - set fills from one end to the other returning a different color
• Random color - lights randomly change colors
• USA - scrolling red white and blue pattern

Two Games:
• Social Timer - Strand changes colors over a set time, once time runs out, an effect is played to signal that time is complete. Great for games, baking, time outs.
• Color Spinner - Lumenplay will randomly select a color. Great setting for twister, selecting order, drinking games and present selector.

Music Visualizer:
• Select a song from your iTunes library and watch as your lights react to the music. Acts as a brightness meter to the beat of the music.

Lumenplay lights retail between $80 and $120 per strand; they are available at:

More information about the product, its creators, and its history can be found here:

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