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Lumberjack Feud-Pigeon Forge-Got Wood?

Photos from the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge TN
Photos from the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge TN
Marie DeWolfe-personal photos

If you want something fun to do when in Pigeon Forge TN, then you have to see the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show! This show features lumberjack competitions to see which family, the Dawson Family or the McGraw Family, will win the right to cut the last stand of timber that will be allowed to be cut before the area is turned into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and no timber cutting will be allowed.

The lumberjacks that participate in this show are professional competition lumberjacks that have competed nationally in lumberjack competitions including on ESPN. The skill portrayed by these young men is very impressive! It will leave you wondering, in some instances, how do they DO that?!

You will be entertained with competition events such as the Single Buck, Log Roll, Hot Saw, Double Buck, Standing Block, Under-hand Chop, Spring Board and Speed Climb. (Seriously, how DO they run up a pole like that?!)

And you won't be able to forget 'Cookie', the camp cook. Poor guy really wants to be a lumberjack, but alas, it will probably just always be a dream for him. You'll find his antics hilarious and fall in love with his personality.

Then you have Ranger Black, trying to keep the peace and judging the competition, and Molly McGraw and Dixie Dawson, you will love them.

You will find yourself rooting for 'your' family team throughout the show, and the talented cast will keep you entertained! There are several events where members of the audience can participate, making it even more fun for the family. You'll love the Timber Dogs as they have their own competitions in the program.

Not only do you get to watch a great show and competition, you also get to see a 35 minute pre-show which has three of the top Bluegrass musicians/entertainers in the area, playing some killer bluegrass music! It's included in your ticket too, so there's no extra cost!

You can include a meal with the show, and it won't be a decision you'll regret. This scrumptious meal consisting of herb roasted chicken breast, slow roasted pork roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, and southern style green beans followed by a rich, delicious apple fritter will fill you up! (And don't forget the sweet tea!) It's all served up in a 1930's bear proof tin for an even more unique experience. They also have gluten-free, vegetarian and alternative meals available.

The shows are scheduled for 5 pm, (4:00 if you want to see the pre-show), and 8:15 pm, (7:15 for the pre-show), daily. You can pre-purchase tickets here.

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