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Lumberjack casserole feeds Seahawk Superbowl fans

Let your guests eat like lumberjacks on Superbowl Sunday
Let your guests eat like lumberjacks on Superbowl Sunday
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Indianapolis-area football fans don't have a horse - or a Colt - in this year's race to Superbowl stardom. That means Hoosiers are free to cheer on either the Seahawks or the Broncos, or to boo both of them with impunity (although that's more of a Philadelphia thing). Assuming that cheering is on the agenda, the following casserole is for Seahawks fans and hearkens back to Seattle's history.

Long before Seattle was known for gourmet coffee and software, it was the heart of the lumber industry. Lumber camps dotted the Pacific Northwest, and in order to keep their lumberjacks loyal and productive, camp cooks developed hearty meals that could be prepared and eaten on the job site and would keep a lumberjack full until the next meal.

Lumberjack Casserole
1 lb. ground beef
1 tsp. Better Than Bouillion beef flavored paste
1/4 c. water
1 16 oz can Bush's Smokehouse Style baked beans
1/4 c. packed brown sugar
3/4 c. molasses-based barbecue sauce
1 tbsp. minced onion
1 c. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese

Brown ground beef in large skillet. Drain excess fat, then add 1/4 c. water and 1 tsp. bouillion paste and allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes or until most of the liquid is absorbed.

In the meantime, spray a microwave-save casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray. Dump in beans; stir in brown sugar, barbecue sauce and onion. Add ground beef and top with cheese.

Microwave for 2 to 4 minutes, or until beans are heated through and cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve with biscuits.
Serves 6 - 8.

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