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Lum Lums, collectible dolls illuminating the glow of friendship

Lum Lums, shining light on friendship
Lum Lums, shining light on friendship
Lum Lums

Girls value their friends. From texting at all hours to coordinating outfits for a party, the friendship between girls is an important part of growing up. The power of friendship is limitless. Lum Lums, the new line of pocket-sized dolls, pets and accessories, harness the power of friendship and shines it brightly.

Lum Lums the new doll that lights up friendship
Lum Lums

Lum Lums is a new line of collectible dolls and pets. Recently launched at the NYC 2014 Toy Fair, these toys brighten up playtime. When girls hold their Lum Lums by both their hands, creating a special circle of friendship, all the dolls in the circle magically light up. Numerous Lum Lum dolls can be joined together to create a larger illuminated circle.

In the new Lum Lums collection, there are four individual Ligh-Up dolls. Each character was developed to inspire girls to strive for their dreams and aspirations.

The four characters are:

  • Floressa - Her amazing flower creations are the highlight at every garden party
  • Trindi - She is a fabulous fashionista with designs that dominate the runway
  • Yummie - Her pastry creations are always the talk of the town
  • Valerina - Her dancing will always steal the show

Each Lum Lums doll comes with her own pet NuNu and lots of interchangeable fashion accessories and play sets.

The NuNu pets share the magic of friendship as they light up with a touch from any Lum Lums doll. Unique to the NuNu is that its nose lights up when it touches another NuNu's nose.

In addition to individual play, girls can also create a Lumination Village with a complete collection of light-up themed play sets, including a fashion boutique, a flower vase, vanity set, tea set and fashion set.

Lum Lums is available now at The toys are recommended for ages 4 and up. The dolls and accessories range in price from $7.99 to $36.99.

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