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Luke Bryan tour on hold after crew members hurt in stage collapse

Luke Bryan's crew sustained minor injuries after forklift caused stage to collapse
Luke Bryan's crew sustained minor injuries after forklift caused stage to collapse
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Four members of Luke Bryan’s crew were taken to the hospital in the early morning hours of January 17, after sustaining injuries when a stage collapsed. As crew members were tearing down after the Luke Bryan concert in Columbus, Ohio around midnight, a forklift crashed into the stage. When the stage folded inward, crew members sustained arm and foot injuries.

Thankfully, all fans had vacated the premises when the accident occurred and the incident wasn’t as serious as the stage collapse that killed 7 people and injured dozens of others at Sugarland’s 2011 Indiana State Fair performance. While that incident prompted much media backlash, online fury and lawsuits, the stage collapse after Luke Bryan’s Columbus concert appears to be a temporary setback.

The injuries sustained have been reported as minor and the tour will continue on to Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday. Friday’s show in Lexington, Kentucky has been put on hold, however, while the crew is tended to and repairs to equipment made. The Lexington show has been rescheduled for Friday, February 21.

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