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Luke Bryan falls off stage: Video shows fans surprised as country star tumbles

The Luke Bryan video showing him falling off the stage is sort of expected as the star seems to get involved in his music. This is the second time that the entertainer has taken a dive off the stage in front of fans during a live concert and compared to last time, this moment was worth the price of the ticket as it was a funny segment of the concert. According to Taste of Country on Tuesday the entertainer was performing at the second of two Luke Bryan concerts at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana.

Luke Bryan falls off stage
Photo by Harry Woods/Getty Images

Luke Bryan was trying to catch a can and interacting with crew when the fall happened. An object, appearing to be a beer can, is seen being tossed and Luke tries to be cute catching it behind his back. Unfortunately, it can’t be seen if the can was actually caught as what happened next had Luke in the crowd.

The fall was captured by a fan and the video reveals that the star wasn't paying attention to where he was walking when he stepped right off the stage during the catch. Tumbling over the side, the star seems to have surprised the fans as they scream and takes a few seconds before getting back on the stage. Then after regaining his composure, the star goes over and shakes the hands of a few of the people he might have fallen on during the spill off stage.

Luke Bryan has confirmed on social media that his is OK after falling. No big injuries were reported, but it’s safe to say that since this is the second time the star has fallen off the stage he might have a bruised ego.

Take a look at the video clip of Luke Bryan falling off the stage. As he gets on stage he continues singing just like nothing ever happened!

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