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Luke Bryan falls of stage during concert in North Carolina

Luke Bryan had a big accident this weekend during a North Carolina show. On Friday, People shared about how he fell off the stage during his concert while singing a song. Luke does like to shake it on the dance floor and this is what happened but it didn't turn out as planned. He does know how to put on a good show though.

Luke Bryan
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

He actually fell off the stage into a small area with no fans but everyone was watching it go down. It looked like he handled it very well. Luke continued to play though as soon as he got back on the stage. He did sit there for a minute before standing up. Bryan continued to sing while he was on the ground and his fans were watching his every single move.

This is not the first time Luke Bryan fell on stage during a concert. It actually happened in North Carolina the last time it happened as well. After it happened this time, Luke spoke to the concert saying, "Check this out, the last time I was in North Carolina I busted my a** on stage! What is it about North Carolina that makes me bust my a**? Please YouTube that s–!" It was obvious that he wants to see it himself later on. Some artists would not want this to all end up on YouTube but Luke is a good sport and wanted to see it there which means his fans can see it as well.

TMZ shared that Luke did cut his leg in the fall. You couldn't tell by the way he kept on singing during the concert though. He even had to go and get a few stitches in his leg after it was over. Luke Bryan will keep on going to concerts and touring though. Nothing is going to stop him. He will probably watch out though and not get so close to the edge of the stage next time.

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