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Luke Bryan falls of stage again during concert: Check out the video here

Luke Bryan has made headlines in the past for falling off of the stage during a concert. Now it has happened again and the Internet is going crazy. Everyone can't stop sharing this video and it is even trending on Facebook. On Tuesday, Taste of Country shared the video and talked about how Luke fell again. This is the third fall for this country artist.

Luke Bryan
Photo by Harry Woods/Getty Images

Luke was singing his song "Sunset City" when one of the guys on the stage tried to toss him a beer. Luke reached for it messed and fell off the stage. He handled it pretty well though. Luke got back up on stage, laid down on the stage singing then got on up and finished out the song. He didn't have anything to say about it during the video though.

Luke admitted that the stage is a bit different at every venue and maybe he should pay more attention to it. This happened in Noblesville, Ind. This is actually the third time that Luke Bryan has fallen on the stage like this during a concert. Lucky for him he has never been hurt when it happened. He didn't even end up with any bumps or bruises this time.

He is not the only artist to ever fall during a concert, but now with cell phones and YouTube they end up all over the Internet right away. Hopefully Luke Bryan won't end up falling off the stage again anytime soon. He will probably pay a bit more attention next time.

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