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Luis Suarez third career bite: Vampire-like action at World Cup, big odds payout

Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup's match on Tuesday and he is facing up to 24 months of suspension for this barbaric act. This is not the first time Suarez took his anger out with a bite during a game. There were betting odds in place for his vampire-like behavior and when he chomped down on his opponent at the World Cup, this made some folks a lot of money.

Luis Suarez bites player in World Cup 2014, this is his third high profile biting incident and he is facing a 2-year suspension.

According to Fox News on June 25, the referees didn't catch Suarez when he took a bite out of Chiellini's shoulder, but numerous cameras picked it up and the bite mark was clearly visible. Not only was the bite mark clear to see, but so was the pain Chiellini was feeling when Suarez chomped on his shoulder.

While Suarez is an excellent footballer, his behaviors on the field leave much to be desired. It is like playing with a vampire, there's always that outside chance that he is going to bite you.

Because Suarez likes to sink his teeth into the game, literally by biting his opponent, the bookmakers in Sweden and Norway offered odds on this player from Uruguay taking a bite out of a player during the World Cup, according to The Independent today.

During the second half of Tuesday night's World Cup game, Suarez and Chiellini had a collision on the field which prompted Suarez to unleash his fangs in his third high-profile biting incident during a professional game.

The aftermath of the bite left Suarez in visible pain holding his mouth and putting his fingers on his teeth. Chiellini was also dealing with the pain of being bit in the shoulder.

One Swedish football fan posted a picture of his betting slip on Twitter, showing that he bet Suarez would bite a player during the World Cup. He claims to have won a little over $3,000 on a $5 bet.

As far as Suarez's bite gone unnoticed by the referees at the game, that isn't a problem when it comes time to set forth consequences. The FIFA disciplinary code allows action to be taken retrospectively via video evidence even if the referee missed it, which is what the case was last night.

So far the longest ban in World Cup history was eight games. That was the disciplinary action handed to Italy's Mauro Tassotti for breaking the nose of a player from Spain back in 1994.

As far as Suarez biting habits, this wasn't even the first time he went after Chiellini, as he tried to bite his shoulder last year during a game. Pictures of Suarez making the attempt, but never making contact have surfaced online today after the bite he took out of Chiellini last night.

He was made to apologize last time he tried it when in Britain playing a game last year. Now that he made contact, it looks as if he could very well be suspended for two years, according to Mail Online today.

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