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Luis Rodriguez dies: Shocking video of man beaten by police ignites Twitter

Luis Rodriguez dies and the release of a video in which you see his final moments alive is causing public outrage among many viewers who witnessed the shocking footage. Police can be seen beating 44-year-old Luis Rodriguez in the video while he was handcuffed and held down by five officers. As CNN explained on Feb. 26, the incident has generated an intense debate on the excessive use of force in cases of unarmed, non-violent people today.

Luis' death occurred shortly after what was supposed to be a fun family night at an Oklahoma movie theater. Luis Rodriguez, who lives in Norman, went to the movies along with his wife, Nair, and 19-year-old daughter, Luinahi.

The outing turned violent when an altercation between mother and daughter caused someone to call authorities to report a domestic violence situation. When police arrived, Luis confronted officers while Nair, who for six minutes, filmed the last moments of her husband's life with a cellphone.

The dramatic footage was captured on video and it was published Tuesday by Michael Brooks-Jimenez, the family lawyer.

Shortly after its release, reactions to this incident have flooded social networks and sites dedicated to documenting cases of alleged police brutality.

On the site Opposing Views, columnist Jonathan Wolfe highlights the fact that Oklahoma Police Chief, Jerry Stillings, refused to answer questions about whether or not Luis Rodríguez was still breathing when he was handcuffed.

And an analysis of the video published this afternoon by the Oklahoman newspaper, the main print media in the region, argues that Rodriguez did not resist after cops wrestled him to the ground.

Meanwhile, some have characterized the video as "powerful," but added that, as recent cases in other states demonstrate, it may not be sufficient enough evidence to charge the police with murder.

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Following the death of Luis Rodriguez, three officers were placed on administrative leave with pay.

Police describe the incident as normal procedure, however, lawyer Brooks-Jimenez argues that police used excessive force.

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Autopsy results are expected in the coming weeks while the Oklahoma State of Investigation continues to investigate the matter.

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