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Luis Rodriguez dies: Disturbing video of 5 cops restraining man who dies

Luis Rodriguez is dead after five police officers pin him down. It looks as though the weight of those five men may have killed the father and husband, who had not committed a crime. While many suggest that the restraint was what killed the man, the autopsy is not back yet with the cause of death.

Luis Rodriguez was restrained and died after five cops pinned him down in theater parking lot.
YouTube screen shot/ released by Rodriguez family lawyer

Police were called to a Moore, Oklahoma movie theater for a domestic dispute, but that dispute was between Rodriguez’s wife and daughter, having nothing to do with the Luis Rodriguez, the man they restrained, according to CNN News on Feb. 26.

Nair Rodriguez, Luis’s wife, had a spat with her 19-year-old-daughter inside the movie theater. She got so angry with her daughter that she slapped her in the face. This is when the 911 call went out to police.

Apparently the family left the theater and Nair was so distraught over the argument with her daughter that she got out of the car and started to walk. Her husband Luis went after her to calm her down.

Police pulled up and took Luis down, despite Nair’s cries that he didn’t do anything and that it was her that hit their daughter. She used her cell phone and videotaped what the police were doing to her husband.

On the tape you can hear her cries trying to get the cops to understand that he didn't do anything. She also says a few times that her husband isn’t moving. She asks the officers if her husband is alright. She is told by one of the officers as soon as they secure him and get him on his feet, she can talk to him.

Then an officer came over to tell Nair that they’ve called for medical help for her husband. She asked the officer who had blood on him if her husband was bleeding. He told her that it was his own blood he had on his clothes.

She wanted to know why they pinned down her husband when it was her who hit their daughter. The officer tells Nair that:

“He refused to give his ID. He got combative.”

The video ends as the ambulance is seen in the background. Luis Rodriguez is dead and the results of his autopsy are not back as of yet, which will hopefully shed some light on how he died. The cops pepper sprayed him then pinned him down on the ground for what appears to be an extended period of time.

Was Luis crushed to death by the weight of the five officers? Police are describing how they handled Luis Rodriguez as “normal procedure.” The video from Nair’s cell phone shows Luis being pinned by the cops. Hopefully a surveillance camera on the theater overlooking the parking lot where this incident took place will shed more light on what happened before Nair started taping the incident with her cell phone.

This is a bizarre case where a mother and daughter's fight turned deadly, but not for them. It was the father of this family who ended up paying the ultimate price for this fight.

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