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Luis Coronel with Jenn Findley talking about family, fame and improv

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Luis Coronel: The next huge star to hit this hemisphere with Jenn Findley

He sang primarily songs in Spanish, with a couple covers in the concert of American songs.

I thought before I met him, that he would be “Beiberish”. An 18 year old super mega-star in Mexico and other countries.

His YouTube video Mi niña Traviesa hit over 13.6 million views in less than 72 hours. He is a hit, planned to be a hit, and has enough punch in his star-status to have the US asking soon enough for more songs in English. Everyone wants a piece of this once youtube-star to national phenomenon.

Jenn: “So, it’s Luis, correct?” (Doing my best Spanish dialect).

Luis: “Yes.” He said in a soft, yet confident tone. “Luis Coronel.”

Jenn: “So your video came out May 27 right? And within 72 hours, you had like 13.6 million views?”

Luis: “Are you talking about the one on YouTube, yeah, 13.6 million.” He said, with both hands on black lapels slightly shrugging the material, brushing it off like it was expected.

He was a proud 18 yr. old. Yet he kept his consciousness in a humble plane. Very balanced with earthy qualities; a catch made in heaven for the young ladies out there.

He was tall, handsome, dressed very well in all black with a thinner black tie with some sheen and a jacket that looked tailored for him from Italy.

Again, this 18 “kid” wasn’t a kid at all. I expected a Justin Beiber, not a well-mannered young man who had his cool on.

He was a gentleman. He was such a nice young gentleman whose mother must be proud. Young ladies swoon for this lad. I was front row at his concert at the Knitting Factory, Reno.

Amplified Entertainment did it again. They booked and promoted with all of the bells and whistles: Mr. Luis Coronel.

With 13.6 million views in less than 72 hours on youtube is insane. I wanted to know more about how he accomplished this. From his youtube fame, to his real-life fame he was larger than life in his sweet disposition, yet small enough to stay humble with the workings of the magic of his newly born career.

Jenn: “So how did all of this happen for you? I know from what I’ve read, but I’d rather hear it from you.”

Luis: “Well, everything, basically my career started by when I started uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook, and thank God, Empire Productions which is the company that, they found me, and they mentioned just based on social media.

The whole team worked on building our social media before the art is put out. It’s just man, I’ve been growing thankfully to social media.”

Jenn: “That’s awesome. So how do you choose what songs are on the album?”

Luis: “Well, our first album, it had two songs I composed, and the rest are composed by Luicina________ and I had the pleasure to record his songs. Now we have a new album to release in August or September [of this year] and 6 oif my songs will be on there.”

Jenn: “You have 6 of your own songs, this year? And now, you are 18. Did you just turn 18?”

Luis: “The third of Febuary.”

Jenn: “Happy belated! And you’re from Tuscon, right?”

Luis: “Yes, I’m from Tuscon, Arizona.”

Jenn: “So you are not able to drink yet.”

Luis: “No, no. I don’t drink. No, not at all.”

Jenn: “That’s good. Yeah, you don’t’ want to get into all that trouble. You seem positive, you seem like a good guy.”

Luis: “Yeah, thanks to this guy.” He pointed beside him to his manager who had joined.

“He taught me a lot. He taught me how to be a man. I mean, have integrity. How to be honest and responsible.”

Jenn: “Yes. And those are great qualities and I see them in you.”

Luis: “How to not do bad things. Don’t do bad things, that’s what he taught me.”

Jenn: “Right.”

Luis: “Always do the right thing. “

Jenn: “So I watched nearly all of your performance. Except the last song, I was back here [greenroom]. I loved it. I loved it.”

Luis: “Thank you. Thank you.”

Jenn: “So, how do you feel when you’re up there? You do something different. You’re taking selfies [with young lady’s phones], you’re getting the crowd wild.”

Luis: “ I just like getting the crowd involved in the performance, you know? It’s something that started growing. Looking at them in the eyes, getting that personal touch. All my fans, I do that with all of them.”

He was being honest. He really did sign autographs and take selfies for every young lady or man that handed him their phone, or one of many posters made in the room. He sang a song to a little girl mid-performance. It brought tears to my eyes to see her expression when it was her turn to sing. He had the mike near her mouth. She sang the words to one of his songs and he smiled, kissed the top of her head, and kept going strong with the crowd who admired him.

Luis: “I love it. I love when I take their cell, take a picture on the phone, they go back home, they see it, and they love it.”

Jenn: “Do you foresee in the future that changing for you? Or do you feel that you’ll always have this connection with the audience?”

Luis: “I don’t really plan what I do onstage. It just all comes naturally. Every performance is always different.”

Band M: “They never rehearsed in the past year and a half.”

The band was young. A year and a half to score on the new video released May 27, 2014.

Jenn: “Oh really?”

Band M: “Not even a new song. We just rehearsed the beginning of one song before the performance.”

Luis: “It comes naturally to all of us. The song was once, it was just the intro.”

Jenn: “You are multi-talented.”

Band M: “He’s actually sung a new song onstage without practicing. It was one of the covers. We kind of lost track of time and we had no more songs. And then our group just started playing it.”

Luis: “And I went along with it. Good times. I was like, ooh, what song is this?”

Maybe improve is just what is needed in today’s music. It was a looser interpretation of song, and meaning. But heartfelt when sang on the spot.

Band M: “He didn’t even know the words to it. He just started singing.”

Luis: “Just, basically what I did was I sang putting a letter into the song, into the rhythm. Making up things that don’t even exist.”

I laughed hard.

Luis: “It went like this. It was working. The crowd was getting into it, but that’s something I didn’t pretend, like ‘Oh, I messed up’.

Jenn: “So small town Tucson to the whole Latin community. You topped the Latin Billboard charts, right? And then you won the ‘Artist of the Year’ award!”

Luis: “Art is how it is, it’s beautiful.”

Jenn: “Art is what we make of it, and you are a true artist. Onstage and off, your presence is very strong, and unassuming. “

Luis: “The amazing thing is that it’s been one year since we started this.”

Jenn: “One year…”

Luis: “Yes, one year.”

Band M: “That’s what is so crazy about this Music Industry. We started, then it was like, bam. But it’s been so much work. Nobody could imagine or nobody could live where we’ve already lived.”

Luis: “It’s great.”

Jenn: “With the touring, correct me if I’m wrong, it is quite different where you are from compared to America.”

Luis: “With the tour, it’s all year. We get a break in January. For a little while, the go back to touring.”

Band M: “Mexican artists versus English artists: Mexican artists do tour after tour and never lay off. Mexican artists, we are different. We keep going. We have to. We have a 30 day break in the holiday season, and we are probably not going to do that this year. Just because it’s like a basketball player getting out of practice. It just doesn’t work.”

Jenn: “Oh. I see. I like that.”

Luis: “So we’ll be gone for 30 days. We are together the whole week. Six out of seven days. One day every week every four or six months.”

Jenn: “Do you get homesick?”

Luis: “Sometimes, but I also get ‘road sick’.”

Band M: “When he gets back at home, he wants to be on the road. When he’s on the road, he wants to be back home.”

Jenn: “Just like a typical 18 year old.” (Laughing.)

Luis: “Yeah.”

Jenn: “No, I’m just playing, you have an extraordinary life.”

Luis: “(Laughing) I’m like, ‘Yeah’”.

After we laughed, he talked a bit more about his family, the family on the road.

Band M: “It’s the lifestyle.”

Luis: “It’s a beautiful lifestyle.”

Jenn: “It is a beautiful lifestyle. “

Luis: “Hopefully it’s long-term, we are hoping for long-term…it’s a lifestyle.”

Band M: “It’s a lifestyle.”

Luis: “We’re all family. We all get together really good.”

Band M: “In the valleys of families, there is no other road that’s been taken. You know, how we got our backs for each other.”

Jenn: “Yeah. It’s a good thing, the comradely among you is prevalent.”

When they got off-stage I saw them patting each other on the back, with a lot of respect and knowing they killed it. They performed to their best, and that was a great show to watch. A must-see live concert.

In Luis’s performance, he is so hip with the audience, their wants, their desires, he swayed with his coat over one shoulder. He held out the coat, young ladies screamed for it.

Two songs or so later, he flung the jacket into the crowd that fought hard over the jacket. The expression in Luis’s face was priceless. He was definitely humored along with his buddy onstage performing.

Luis: “Yeah, we go to head sometimes…”

Band M: “Yeah, like we’re about to kill each other.”

Luis: “Yeah, and then we’re like, hugging each other. We are like, ‘Sorry, dude.’ And then we hug each other. It’s beautiful. It’s family.”

Band M: “He’s definitely one of the best on-stage.”

Jenn: “I agree. His performance was spectacular.”

Luis: “Thank you so much.”

I just hit a million likes on my page. My like page on Facebook has 1.2 million likes. I just hit 500K on Instagram.” He again, pulled up his tie in subtle fashion.

Jenn: “Impressive. Well, congratulations tonight on your performance, and congratulations on all the social media, and all that. Great job. A real class act winner.”

Twitter: @luiscoronel281


Michelle Saldate Cordova video for Luis Coronel

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