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Lucy the emu still on the lam

Emus have excellent eyesight and hearing.

The 16-year-old emu, “Lucy” is still on the loose after escaping from his pen Nanaimo, British Columbia last Monday.

Not only does he miss his pet (who by the way is a male, despite his name), owner Tim Genner is afraid that it might become a victim of malicious individuals who would look to harm or even shoot the bird.
Lucy was last reported near Colliery Dam Park Tuesday. If anyone sees him, Genner is pleading with them to call the Royal Mounted Police in Nanaimo, rather than try to catch the emu themselves.

Native to Australia, emus are large birds, often standing anywhere from nearly 5-6.2-feet tall and weighing between 40-132 lbs. They have small vestigial wings, with a small claw at the tip, as well as long claws on their toes, which are used to inflict wounds on their enemies. It should also be noted that their long legs are “among the strongest of any animals, powerful enough to tear down metal wire fences.”

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