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Lucky Squirrel coffee roasters now at Oakwood Saturday morning market

Happily, new vendors are still popping up at the Oakwood Farm Market on Saturday mornings! One of the unique new vendors is Lucky Squirrel coffee roasters. The two gentlemen who comprise Lucky Squirrel coffee roasters procure quality green coffee beans and roast them to varying degrees so that you can enjoy your favorite bean in your favorite roast – light, medium or dark.

Here's the logo to look for!
P O'Beollain

Lucky Squirrel brings a nice selection of beans to market each Saturday, with some new brands to sample each time. Some favorites include their Ethiopian Yergecheffee, as well as Bella Vista coffee from Brazil, organic coffees from Columbia and organic fair trade coffees from Timor and Peru. Decaf is also available.

Roasted coffee beans get their aromatic character and flavor from the caramelized sugars and flavor oils contained in the bean. After the green coffee beans are roasted, the bean itself is a protective package for the (now caramelized) sugars and flavor oils. The sugars and oils are contained in tiny porous pockets in the interior of the beans. Sometimes these oils begin to leach out (especially in the darker roasts) which explains the fine oily coating found on some beans. Coffee is at its peak 4 to 24 hours after roasting; after that, the volatile flavor oils begin to evaporate. Two days after roasting, much of the aroma has become oxidized by the oxygen in the air. A week later the taste will be diminished; after two weeks the volatile aroma has largely vanished and the taste has lost some of its rich complexity.

Coffee which is roasted by a national chain may have been roasted weeks (or months) prior to your purchase. The date of the roast is rarely available to the consumer, so you have no idea when it was roasted. Lucky Squirrel coffee is roasted fresh for each market day and is available whole or ground. The proprietors are most personable and pleasant, and extremely cheerful for 9:00 on a Saturday morning (maybe it’s the coffee).

Stop by Lucky Squirrel at the Oakwood farm market on Saturdays – through August – from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., sample some of their coffee and take home your favorite!

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