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'Lucky in Love' an April Fool romance about wishes on Hallmark

Diedra Hall, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Jessica Szohr in Lucky in Love on Hallmark Channel
Diedra Hall, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Jessica Szohr in Lucky in Love on Hallmark Channel
Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

"Lucky in Love" is a movie about wishes that come true that premiered on Hallmark Channel on April 5, 2014. The romantic comedy stars Jessica Szohr, Deidre Hall and Benjamin Hollingsworth.

Mira Simon (Szohr) is a young woman who dreams of having an important career, great apartment and a handsome boyfriend. Dreams can be very different from reality, as Mira is about to realize.

Mira is a young, ambitious woman who works for a social media website run by CEO Erin Billings (Diedre Hall). She dreams of being having an important career, but the reality it that she works in a cubicle next to her friend Jonah (Hollingsworth), who has a crush on her.

With Jonah's encouragement, Mira presents an idea to her immediate supervisor, Michael (Peter Benson) but her proposal ends up being ignored on the bottom of the pile.

It is April Fool's Day, so Mira gets into the spirit of the day by pulling three pranks, telling people about her new promotion, great townhouse t and hunky boyfriend. Little does she know that her three outlandish jokes are about to become reality.

When Mira gets stuck in an elevator with Erin, she gets a chance to make and impression and present the proposal that her supervisor ignored. Later, she gets a ig promotion and the fancy corporate townhouse. She literally runs into the man of her dreams, celebrity chef Liam Henderson (Ryan Kennedy) on the street and the two start to date.

Mira has the life she dreamed of, but it is not what she imagined. The job is stressful and she is becoming the type of boss that she does not like. She begins to miss fondue night with her girlfriends. Even the perfect boyfriend has his flaws.

To make matters worse, her trusted work ally, Jonah, leaves the company and throws a wrench in their friendship by confessing his true romantic feelings.

What once seemed like April Fool’s Day fortune is turning out to be a big joke on Mira.

It takes the help of her boss, her colleagues and her friends for Mira to find a way to reconcile her new “perfect” life with reality and become "Lucky in Love."

"Lucky in Love" stars Jessica Szohr (“Gossip Girl,” “The Internship”) as Mira; Deidre Hall (“Days of Our Lives”) as Erin; and Benjamin Hollingsworth (“The Tomorrow People,” "Signed, Sealed and Delivered") as Jonah. The cast also includes: Ryan Kennedy (Liam), Peter Benson (Michael), Tara Wilson (Susan) and Vincent Tong (Jerry).

“Lucky in Love” is a Fool’s Films Inc. production. Howard Braunstein is the executive
producer. Christian Bruyere is producer. Kevin Fair directed from a script written by Talia Green
and Nina Weinman.

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