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Lucky is looking for a loving home

Lucky the one eyed quaker
Lucky the one eyed quaker

Lucky is indeed a very lucky little bird. She was confiscated by Animal Control from a breeder that was trying to sell birds at a local traders market. She obviously had something wrong with one of her eyes. He refused to take the bird to the vet- so Animal Control took her away. The wings of love bird haven was immediately contacted to come and take care of the bird. It was soon apparent that the bird had lost her eye from an injury. The injury has healed well, but Lucky will always be blind in that one eye. This however hasn't slowed her down! She is a very sweet little bird. She is believed to be a female, but she hasn't been DNA sexed. she also appears to be fairly young too. Although she is a bit fiesty, she isn't agressive or mean at all. She isn't really comfortable with being held but has become more used to it. With more socialization she will come around, and be more comfortable with being handled. She will make someone a very wonderful little buddy.

Right now Lucky is being taken care of at the bird haven. She is available to be adopted.

Her adoption fee is $125, and needs to be in a home that is familiar with quakers. You can pick up the application for adoption here.

Adopting a bird isn't the only way to ensure that a bird will be well taken care of, and happy. The wings of love bird haven is a small non profit bird rescue, that is always in need of extra hands to volunteer some time, and experience to help keep the cages clean and help give the birds outside the cage time. Also donations are always accepted, and needed to help keep things running smoothly. Of course no donation is as important as the donation of your love.