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Lucky Bucket beer launches in Minnesota

Lucky Bucket Certified Evil
Lucky Bucket Certified Evil
Lucky Bucket Brewing Company

Lucky Bucket beer, brainchild of local Minnesota native Zac Triemert, recently launched in Minnesota. Born of humble beginnings just 3 short years ago in 2008, Lucky Bucket beer has already garnered quite the reputation, having won four national brewing awards for its three beers; a “pre-prohibition style” Lager, a “floral and flavorful” India Pale Ale, and their latest creation, Certified Evil, which is described as “vibrant, yet smooth and elegant,” with a complex flavor any craft beer lover is sure to appreciate. Having sampled the Certified Evil, I can attest to its aggressiveness; a formidable “battle of the malts” in your mouth, with the initially tantalizing and subtle creamy sweetness giving way to a dark, hoppy, multifarious victor.

Lucky Bucket Lager
Lucket Bucket Brewing Company, Facebook page

The Lucky Bucket Brewing Company is based out of Nebraska, and their beer selections were previously only available for sale in Nebraska and Iowa. Zac is excited to announce that his company is expanding, with his beer now readily available in his hometown state of Minnesota. I was able to engage in some friendly email correspondence with the man himself, querying him about what led him into the brewing business and inspirations for their current beer offerings.

Q&A with Zac Triemert, President of The Sòlas Distillery & Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.

Where did you grow up? And what led you to Omaha?

I grew up in Bloomington, MN from 2 years old until college. (I) Graduated from Bloomington Jefferson. After college I got a job with Cargill, (a) great MN company; Cargill moved me to Memphis and then to Omaha. I've been in Omaha ever since.

How did you get into the beer business?

I had a great interest in it. I was pre-med in college and the brew master at G. Heileman Brewing Company was an alumni. He came into our class to tell all of us students "what else we could do with a microbiology degree" and I decided right away that that's what I wanted to do. It's been my focus ever since. I worked as both a chemist and a microbiologist for Cargill before I got my first commercial brewing job. I also moved to Scotland where I earned a Masters Degree in Brewing and Distilling. When I moved back to Omaha, I started Lucky Bucket Brewing Company and Sòlas Distillery.

What is your inspiration in crafting/creating your beers? What types of flavors do you aim for?

One of our biggest core competencies is balance. Balance is one of those buzz words to throw around, but we actually focus on it. For example, our IPA has a big malt bill to balance the typical bitterness and a huge floral aroma to complete the beer. So many other beers of the same style are super one-sided.

Which Lucky Bucket beer is your personal favorite?

Picking a favorite beer is like choosing your favorite child, it's impossible. All three beers offer something very different. I choose my beer based on my mood and situation.

What's next for Lucky Bucket? Where will you be expanding to/any new brews to be released in the future?

Launching in Minnesota is a huge deal for Lucky Bucket. We will have a great deal of focus and energy on this. I'm thrilled to be offering our beer to all my friends and family back home. Now I'm hoping to make a lot more friends :)

Lucky Bucket beer is being distributed by Phillips Wine and Spirits; Lucky Bucket is now available for purchase locally at MGM, Zipp’s Liquors, South Lyndale Liquors, and several other locations throughout the Twin Cities. If your liquor store of choice doesn’t carry Lucky Bucket yet, just ask. Power to the consumer!

For more information, contact:

The Sòlas Distillery & Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.
11941 Centennial Road, Suite 1
La Vista, NE 68128 - (P) 402.763.8868