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Luck and chance or God?

A student in the state of Minn. plotted to kill his classmates but was discovered before he could carry out the murders. A spokesperson in the area said some would consider them lucky, but he was sure God protected them. Immediately after that segment on TV the anchor person said, "They were lucky, certainly." So one was sure and one was certain of complex opposite views!

Either view has problems. The Christian view is that God reigns, so why do the righteous suffer? We understand when the lazy or the rude or the thieves and murderers "get what they deserve." But when we believe the many verses that teach God has all power and reigns, and then see innocent children harmed, it is sometimes hard to trust that God is loving and kind also. And when we ourselves suffer, it is even more difficult to avoid resentment and bitterness.

But we are all called to be holy and not commanded to be happy. Happiness without holiness is shallow at best and very harmful to us at worst, by the way. God reigns so the pleasant as well as the unpleasant circumstances work to mold us into his image. If the Russian writer Soltzenitsyn had not criticized Stalin and been sent to prison, he may have continued as a Russian officer or been shot by the Nazis. But it is highly unlikely he would have become a great writer or a Christian either. So may we as Christians be patient in suffering and repent for any and all bitterness, for our loving God reigns.

When we take the position that the children in Minn. were lucky, we have much worse problems. Then it is not logical to praise or to blame anyone for anything. In that view, it is just luck that one gets a job or health or a spouse. So then we just get breaks or not, in spite of hard work or intelligence. But God wants us to study, and to work (those who do not work should not eat). We are also to be holy after giving our lives to Jesus Christ.

The teen who planned many murders in his school did not do that. He freely chose to harm innocent people. God protected them from his evil intentions. Now why God did not protect children in other places, no one knows. He gives us free will within his soverignity. We are responsible to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with him. We are to have an awareness and an appreciation of his great promises for those who love and obey him. Then even in the midst of troubles we can continue to say, "Blessed be the name of The Lord." God opens and closes doors (Revelation 3), so there is no such thing as luck or chance.

He sets one up and brings another down. Blessed be the name of The Lord. He truly reigns, and he constantly works on behalf of those who love and obey him.

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