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Lucius Robbi found dead: Missing college student victim of fatal car accident

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Lucius Robbi set off for college after finishing up his summer job at a river rafting company telling friends he was going to take his time driving there. With kayak strapped to the top of the car he set off for the University of Montana last week. He was due to be there for student orientation on Aug. 20, but he never made it, reports CBS News on Aug. 29.

His family knew that something was wrong when he didn’t make the orientation. When seen on TV news being interviewed they said there was no way he would miss that, so something happened. The week-long search ended when a helicopter spotted the tip of a kayak through the thick foliage along the roads he would have traveled in his 340-mile journey to get to the University, reports Mail Online today.

The car was down a 60-foot embankment and when searchers got to the car the body of Lucius Robbi, 21, was inside. His car had plummeted down the embankment and smashed into a tree.

He had received major blunt-force trauma to his head and the coroner said he died on impact. The car had gone off Route 21 in Custer County, Idaho near Stanley Lake. The massive search that had covered this area of the road missed the car because it was covered under branches and foliage.

Thunderstorms in the area had washed away any signs of tire tracks running off the road. If the bright red kayak had not poked its way through the trees, the car and Robbi’s body might still be there today.