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Lucien Laviscount is the second cast member announced for 'Supernatural:Tribes' announced yesterday, Feb. 20 that Lucien Laviscount would be the second cast member to joing the "Supernatural" spinoff "Tribes".

Lucien Laviscount is the second cast member for 'Supernatural:Tribes'
Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Lucien Laviscount is a British actor most known for his portrayal of Jason in the UK series "Skins". He has recently been trying his hand at a musical career and unfortunately wasn't very successful.

Laviscount will play police academy trainee Ennis Roth. Ennis lost his fiancée when she is killed in the middle of the monster war. After her death Ennis learns about the monsters and becomes a hunter himself. One of these monsters is David Hayden, played by Nathaniel Buzolic. David is a monster who has lived at a human. But, he's not any monster but part of one of the ruling mobster like families of Chicago.

"Supernatural:Tribes" is scheduled to be viewed as a back door pilot during the "Supernatural" April 29 episode. If the pilot goes well then it will be set to begin airing the fall of 2014. It is set in Chicago and is said to focus just on the humans and monsters of the windy city.

"Supernatural" has been renewed for another season and according to executive producers, the show will continue as long as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki want to do the show.

So, hopefully, this fall we will have two great shows to watch.

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