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Lucid Dementia’s Holly Barentine on the band’s 'It Came From The Dead' video

Holly Barentine in Lucid Dementia’s  “It Came From The Dead”
Holly Barentine in Lucid Dementia’s “It Came From The Dead”
Justin Paul Warren

Holly Barentine is the intoxicatingly twisted lead female vocalist for the utterly freaky, dark industrial electronic band called Lucid Dementia. The aggressively unorthodox combo is led by a six foot tall, androgynous alien creature-puppet nicknamed Luci. Luci’s unsettlingly creepy voice is as disarming as its demonic plastic features. In a breakneck swerve from the band’s previous lyrical territory, which focused on the stupidity of the human race, Lucid Dementia’s latest album, When The World Leaves You, is a no-turning-back plunge into the icy realm of horror.

The band’s video for the single, “It Came From The Dead,” is a short horror film complete with gruesome special effects and several chilling story lines. The appealing high-quality, compete-with-big-screen-theatrical-releases look to the video has been winning Lucid Dementia scores of new fans since its release.

“The video has expanded our audience for sure,” Holly told in a recent interview. “I’ve had random people ask me about it, even people at my work — at my job nobody really knows very much about my band.”

The video was directed and edited by Justin Paul Warren whose work can bee seen in the “From Dusk Till Dawn” TV series, “Revolution” (NBC), and the upcoming “Phantasm: Ravager” to name but a few productions this talented individual has enhanced with his admirable skills. Also appearing in the video is none other than Michael Baldwin as The Conjurer. Baldwin is best known for his portrayal of Mike in Don Coscarelli’s “Phantasm” films.

When asked how the band was connected to Justin, Barentine explained, “We know Justin because our drummer, AsilX, was a fan of his projects. They met at a horror convention and became friends. Justin also happened to be a fan of our band, and when he heard we were doing a video, he offered to direct it.”

“And I met Michael through Justin on the second day of the video shoot,” she continued. “I was a fan of both Michael and Justin prior to meeting them. It was a true pleasure getting to work with them!”

Baldwin played the pivotal role of The Conjurer in the opening Lovecraftian tale where a desperate man uses black magic to try and raise his lover from the dead. The demon proceeds to engage in many terrifying acts of murder throughout the first half of the video, creating some intensely graphic scenes that just can’t be unseen!

Because of the cinematic nature of the video, the members of Lucid Dementia were required to actually act, not just play their instruments and perform throughout the four minute film.

“The only acting I’ve done previously was in a few high school plays and some movies my sister and I made by stealing our grandmother’s camcorder,” Holly confessed. “And no one will ever see those!” she declared emphatically. “Even though the video is based on a storyline [Holly and bandmate Sheldon Reynolds are credited with the original story], it’s very much the same as performing live for me. I become another version of myself, a version where I allow my more creepy aspects to shine.”

If you can handle the really scary stuff, check out the video to “It Came From The Dead” on YouTube. For more information on Lucid Dementia, visit

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