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Lucca Delicatessen is the tastiest little deli in the Marina


Lucca Delicatessen "the tastiest little deli in the world"

Lucca Delicatessen calls itself “the tastiest little deli in the world” and they are not exaggerating.  Although the deli occupies a fairly modest space on Chestnut Street the output of this deli is unbelievable.  Packed from 9am to close, do not be surprised to see a line out the door at all times of the day.  

Made to order sandwiches are the primary cause of the spillover of hungry customers onto Chestnut Street.  Each sandwich is crafted just the way you want, with the best quality of meats and cheeses.  Your choice of bread is just as impressive; choose from over a handful of artisan breads and baguette’s delivered fresh daily.  Lunch does not end with sandwiches however as the sides selection rivals any deli, everything is made fresh by the on site chefs.  You have classic choices like potato salad, macaroni salad, Greek salad and coleslaw made without mayonnaise.  You also have the choice of Italian sides like daily made focaccia bread with tomato sauce, onion, raisin or mushrooms garlic, each so fresh it will melt in your mouth.  

Lucca’s serves a larger purpose than sandwich cravings as they are a complete Italian grocer as well.  Find an overwhelming selection of meats, cheeses, pasta, entrees, salads, dry goods, beverages and much more.  Many will pick up their frozen lasagnes, fresh pasta, or Chicken Marsala to feed their families or show off at a dinner party.  The pumpkin ravioli and four other homemade ravioli choices are always a sellout.  For dessert you can find gelato, biscottis, hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate and other sweet Italian favorites.  

Sample any sandwich, side, or grocery item from Lucca and you will become a believer in “the tastiest little deli in the world”.


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