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Lucas Overby wins debate over David Jolly and Alex Sink

Libertarian Lucas Overby wins over the public in debate with veteran politicians.
Libertarian Lucas Overby wins over the public in debate with veteran politicians.

On the evening of Monday, February 3, 2014, Bay News 9 and C-Span broadcast live a debate of candidates seeking to be the U.S. House Representative for District 13 in Pinellas County, Florida. After the debate Bay News 9 conducted an online poll to see who the audience thought won the debate and Libertarian Lucas Overby was the clear winner garnering 42% of the vote total. Democrat Alex Sink received 25% and Republican David Jolly received 33% of the vote total as of this morning. The hour long debate can be found here and the election for the district will occur on March 11, 2014.

The public got to see why Sink refuses to participate in debates as she came off as aloof and uninformed. David Jolly came off as a polished politician and was evasive on some of his answers. Lucas Overby did not come off as polished and was clear in his answers, mentioning that unlike his opponents, he is not a career politician, which he viewed as an asset.

Apparently Overby was more in tune with what District 13 residents are seeking in the candidate. For example one of the first questions posed to the panel was if they supported the legalization of medical marijuana. Florida residents are clearly in favor of it passing with polls showing 74-82% would vote for it when they go in the voting booth this November. Republican David Jolly was strongly against it's legalization while Alex Sink, who was supposed to only give a one word answer "Yes" or "No", gave a long winded answer stating she favored legalization once a long list of regulations is met. It was only Lucas Overby who answered unequivocally, "Yes".

Gun activists may also be prompted to vote for Overby as he was the only one of the three who was clear in his support of the Second Amendment. Much to the surprise to those with me when I viewed the debate, Jolly was unclear on his answer on gun rights and like Sink, left it open for further gun control.