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Lucas Irwin slyly loses 130 pounds, emotional family reunion caught on tape

Lucas Irwin, a 25-year old who doesn't live with his parents but who makes a point of visiting them once or twice a year, gave the folks a real shock at the start of their last reunion.

According to MSN Canada on Jan. 8, when he arrived at their home for the holidays, Lucas was 130 pounds lighter than he was when he left the last time he visited. A year elapsed, starting when Irvin weighed a whopping 300 pounds and ending when he weighed 170 pounds. No surprise Irwin was barely recognizable when he turned up trim and fit.

The shocking reveal, which happened over the holidays, was caught on tape and now that video has gone viral.

To tell his tale, Lucas Irwin and his parents told on "Today" on Wednesday that he managed to stay away from his dad and stepmother for an entire year in order to execute this astounding surprise.

To lose the weight, Lucas Irwin reportedly ate a mere 1,350 calories a day. He kept a food diary to help keep track of what he was putting in his mouth and to remain attuned to his eating patterns. He did this for a year and he stayed true to his drill.

In addition, Irwin did exercise,but not until after after seven or eight months of staying with his strict diet.

Meanwhile, another course Lucas Irwin took in order to keep on going with his weight loss regimen and to not falter was to chat with the Reddit "LoseIt" community who gave him the support he needed at the time.

And so, after a lifelong struggle with weight, Lucas Irwin slyly lost 130 without telling his dad or his stepmother he was aiming to do this. Then, he shocked his parents in an emotional family reunion that was caught on tape in a video that went viral.

Talk about a smooth move.

A huge congratulations goes out to Lucas Irwin, a determined young man who truly pulled off a magic trick that required very hard work on his part.

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