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Lucario announced to return for new 'Smash Bros.'

Lucario returns for the newest Smash Bros. contest
Lucario returns for the newest Smash Bros. contest

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed today on the official Smash Bros website the return of an old character previously introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Generation IV Pokemon Lucario.

Many had speculated that Lucario would not return for the fourth installment of the Smash Bros. series based on several reasons, thus making this announcement quite shocking for fans.

One basis of Lucario being left out was the return to prominence of former Smash Bros. character Mewtwo. With Mewtwo being heavily featured in the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games, plenty of people assumed the character would be making a comeback.

Lucario and Mewtwo are both stylistically similar, being bipedal creatures with fairly indistinguishable ball moves (Aura Sphere and Shadow Ball) as their main attacks. That being said, Lucario is far from just a clone of Mewtwo so there is still a chance that both characters make an appearance.

Another reasoning was that with over 200 new Pokemon being introduced since the release of Brawl, that one of them would have to find its way into the game. As Lucario is a much older Pokemon, the logic would be that it would be removed in favor of a newer battler.

Now both of the aforementioned things can still happen despite Lucario being announced today. Though no video game series in the previous Smash Bros. installments has had more than four representatives, there is no reason that trend has to continue. We have seen already with the addition of Rosalina, giving the Mario franchise five reps.

So far Pikachu and Lucario are the only Pokemon to be announced. Jigglypuff has been around since the original Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo 64 and is expected to return once again. Who do you thing will be the fourth Pokemon representative, or could we see more?

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