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Lubricate the way to solving serious senior sexual problems!

Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate….

One of the most common problems post menopausal women complain of is vaginal dryness and pain with sexual activity, which prevents them from having the pleasure they desire.

Female sexual lubricants are without a doubt among the greatest of sex toys. Lubricants can be used to solve such sexual problem as vaginal dryness and most painful intercourse they are much more than something to use only to avoid discomfort and irritation due to friction. The fact is personal lubricant will greatly intensify and enhance sensations for solo or partner sex and improve the way that sex feels, make sex safer by reducing the chances of condom breakage, eliminate pain associated with intercourse that comes from vaginal dryness and irritation, facilitate certain kinds of sex play, like using sex toys and exploring anal sex. They also increase sensual stimulation to the male, which can often help in cases of erectile dysfunction. When selecting the best lubricant to buy here are some key things to consider.

There are two major types of personal lubricants available, water based and silicone based and all the product ingredients have to be FDA approved. The main difference between water based and silicone based lubricants are significant.

The water based lubricants are more easily washed out and off of the body than silicone. Water based lubricants are considerably less expensive and more widely available than silicone and are available in flavored products and warming agents. More important than the above mentioned is the fact that water based lubricants are less damaging to condoms and silicone sex toys.

The silicone based lubricants contain no water so they don’t evaporate or dry up as quickly thus they’re not appt to require as frequent reapplication during prolonged sexual activity. Removing silicone lubricants from in and off of the body adequately requires soap and water rather than just sponging or wiping. Silicone lubricants are more expensive, but a little less may be required. The biggest disadvantage is that silicone can be damaging to condoms and especially to more expensive silicone covered sex toys. The major uses for personal lubricants are the enhancement for all kinds of sex play, vaginal or anal penetration by toys, fingers or penis, use or sex toys either on the surface or internally on all erogenous areas. They are and enhancement to masturbation or all forms of partner sex. Always lubricate, lubricate, lubricate at any age and during any form of sex!

Some people have used oils for lubricants, anything from baby oils, vegetable oils, olive oil, Crisco or lard and butter, body and massage oils, even soap. On the skin surface these are OK, but we recommend they never be used for penetration. Anything other than water based or silicone based lubricants can cause clogging of pores and irritations to more sensitive mucous membranes to the vagina and anus. They can lead to inflammation and infection to both. KY jelly and petroleum based lubricants like Vaseline may have the same affects. Any form of lubricant may have rare allergic affects to individuals and it is best to read the ingredients listing to any product that is used in or on the body. Flavoring and warming ingredients don’t improve the function of lubricants; in fact lubricants with flavoring may dry up faster than others. If you have a concern about allergic reactions you should avoid both flavored and warming lubricants. They can be fun to add something different to your sex play. Some women swear by yogurt without fruit as a lubricant. It’s inexpensive and though no studies have been carried out, probably harmless.

Vaginal dryness is probably the number one most common causes of painful sex play and intercourse often leading to a decreased interest in sex for women. Thankfully it’s a problem that’s usually easily resolved with adequate lubrication. There are also non-prescription estrogen creams, foams, and suppositories which are inserted in the vagina and usually work by providing added lubrication and estrogen replacement. These are usually over the counter at your pharmacy near the condoms and lubricants. However, if you're only complaint is vaginal dryness the least expensive and quickest solution is probably the use of a personal lubricant. Of course an added benefit of personal lubricants to deal with vaginal dryness is that you’ll find lubrication increases sensitivity and makes penetration and foreplay more fun.

Keep in mind that many medications can interfere with vaginal lubrication. Of drugs that may cause a loss of vaginal lubrication including are oral contraceptives like Lo/Ovral, Ortho-Cyclen, Depo Provera and prescriptions like Halcion, Xanax, Ativan, Calcium channel blockers, Beta-blockers as well as prescribed and over-the-counter cold and allergy medications. Check with your physician or pharmacist regarding any meds or supplements you may be taking.

Finally let us mention that a free and excellent lubricant is saliva!

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